Size Chart

US &
EU UK Australia Korea Japan Inches Centimetres
6 36 3.5 4.5 235 22 9 ¼ 23.5
7 37.5 4.5 5.5 241 23 9 ½ 24.1
8 38.5 5.5 6.5 248 24 9 ¾ 24.8
9 40 6.5 7.5 254 25 10 25.4
10 42 7.5 8.5 260 26 10 ¼ 26
11 43 8.5 9.5 266 27 10 27

*Women shoe size chart. Standard width is approximately a medium B

6 thoughts on “Size Chart

  1. Draco says:

    I want to get a pair of your boots and am in the States now but originally from England and have bought many pairs of shoes since being here. On your sizing chart you have US size 6 as bring the equivalent of European size 36 which I have not found to be the case with any other shoes I’ve bought. US size 6 has always been an EU size 37 which is what I take so I need to verify that so I know what size to order. Thanks

  2. admin says:

    Heya! All brands have their own sizing depending on the shoe last that was used at production. There are small exceptions such as the type of heel and platform, but all footwear should generally fit around the same range. If you want, send an email to with the style that you are interested in and we will do a custom measurement so that you can make sure it fits. Generally, our fitting goes like: US6/EU37/UK3.5, US7/EU38/UK4.5, US8/EU39/UK5.5, US9/EU40/6.5

  3. admin says:

    Hi Becky, because we do not manufacture half sizes, we recommend going one size up if you are a half size. A size 9 should fit you snugly, and in the case that it doesn’t we have a 30 day free return/exchange policy.

  4. Katie says:

    I am interested in the Faline boots. I usually wear a size 5 in US. Do you think a 6 would be extremely huge?? I need them so bad.

  5. admin says:

    Hi Katie, not at all! Our shoes are known to fit a half size smaller than true size, and because we do not manufacture half sizes, a size 6 should fit you perfectly with socks or lining

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